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Think It, Show It Social Studies: Strategies for Communicating Understanding

ISBN: 9781425816520

Think It, Show It: Social Studies by Gregory A. Delman is a practical and informative resource that supports the teaching of writing in the social studies classroom to meet the demands of today's standards and the C3 Framework. The creative instructional strategies and resources guide students in communicating their historical thinking through writing and speaking.

Specific step-by-step strategies are provided to help students develop clear, concise writing and discussion skills about historical documents, events, and other primary sources using text structures such as description, narrative, comparison, and cause-and-effect. The included student resources, rubrics, and exemplar writing samples also support instruction and provide students with a clear understanding of the expectations for success.

This essential resource includes a variety of types of historical writing, sample essays, graphic organizers, creative ideas for introducing academic vocabulary, and helpful appendices with mentor texts for teachers and students. Through the writing process, students will practice effective ways of communicating their new understanding.

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