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Using Primary Sources in the Classroom, 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781644918968

Using primary sources can seem overwhelming to teachers who have little time to teach social studies. With minimal prep time, teachers can turn their classrooms into primary source learning environments with this practical resource by Kathleen Vest, that contains everything needed to successfully teach with primary sources. Studying primary sources breathes life into the pages of history and engages students in the inquiry process.

Using Primary Sources in the Classroom 2nd Edition features:

  • Digital copies of more than 100 primary sources for K-12 use
  • Model lessons for three grade ranges (K-3, 4-8, 9-12) transform the teaching concepts into concrete examples to use with students right away
  • Teaching suggestions from the first steps through advanced analysis of primary sources
  • Development of test-taking skills through document-based assessments
  • Creative strategies for analyzing primary sources and tips for recognizing different types and how each is significant
  • Strategies for using social media posts as primary sources in the classroom
  • References and resources for finding primary sources for classroom use

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