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Visual Literacy Strategies, K-5

ISBN: 9781425860967

This item is estimated to be available in May 2018. Please contact customer service at 800-858-7339 to pre-order.

Visual sources are increasingly prevalent in today's society. Visual Literacy provides teachers with new and engaging strategies to help grades K-5 students closely read today's visual media. Students will learn to analyze visual sources, understand both explicit and implicit messages, interpret underlying meaning, and engage in meaningful discussion. Based on practical research, this professional resource offers innovative approaches that focus on valuing evidence in visual texts and develop all literacy skills, including listening and speaking. The receptive and productive strategies are organized by grade bands and arranged by content area to support all teachers. With concrete tools and techniques, and a wide range of suggested visuals to use in the classroom, teachers can prepare their students for interaction with primary sources, digital media, and the visual-heavy world of 21st century learning. Digital downloads of teacher and student resources are included.

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