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Conquering the Grades

Help students practice the key skills they need to be successful at each grade level with engaging cross-curricular activities.

This series provides standards-based activities to develop students' skills in reading, word study, language, writing, mathematics, social studies, and science. Students will enrich their learning and strengthen their grade-level skills as they supplement their studies with these activities over the course of the school year.

Conquering the Grades
Conquering the Grades


  • Full-color workbooks supplement students' learning to help solidify the concepts they are learning at school and strengthen the school-home connection
  • Provides 10 monthly units, each covering reading, language, writing, math, problem solving, social studies, science, a critical-thinking activity, an oral language game, and extension activities
  • Self-directed activities allow students to practice and strengthen their skills during independent practice
  • Teachers will find ready-to-go homework, independent practice, or enrichment for their students
  • Parent tips and suggestions for family activities strengthen the school-home connection