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Focused Reading Intervention

Bridge the gap between struggling and proficient readers through focused instruction of key literacy skills and comprehension strategies.

Evidence Based Intervention for Teaching Students to Read

We're proud to provide educators with tailored resources that meet struggling readers where they are and bring them up to grade level. Our research-based reading intervention program addresses key reading and literacy skills with exposure to a wide range of fiction and nonfiction texts and opportunities to use multiple strategies to process complex text. Students who struggle will strengthen their foundational reading skills and comprehension of informational text and literature.

Focused Reading Intervention


This effective resource is filled with proven reading intervention strategies, comprehensive assessments, motivating activities, and quality reading materials specifically designed to support all Response to Intervention (RTI) models.

  • The Teacher's Guide minimizes prep time with standards-driven lessons and flexible pacing plans
  • The full-color Student Guided Practice Book reinforces and extends key skills and knowledge through fun and engaging reading passages and activities
  • The Assessment Guide provides teachers with a variety of easy-to-use assessments
  • Print and digital literacy games motivate reluctant and struggling readers and are suitable for independent and small-group settings
  • Apply differentiation strategies to meet the needs of on-, above-, and below-level learners
  • Prepare for new testing formats and model fluent reading with digital resources