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iCivics Readers

Inspire students to make change!

Develop tomorrow’s leaders today by guiding students as they explore issues they really care about. Created in collaboration with civics expert iCivics, this high-quality literacy and civic resource engages students in critical thinking, thoughtful discussions, and activities about their civic responsibilities. Prepare students for civic engagement as community leaders and build literacy skills with the exciting iCivics Readers.

iCivics Readers


Integrate literacy and civic education, explore a globally connected community, and prepare students for civic engagement with this meaningful resource.

  • Help students gain civics knowledge, practice civics skills, and develop a civics mindset.
  • Promote civic discourse and critical thinking with easy-to-use lessons.
  • Motivate students with engaging, hands-on culminating activities and educational games.
  • Create concrete connections to key topics through paired fiction and nonfiction texts.
  • Meet state and national standards in literacy and social studies while building 21st century civics skills.