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Let's Talk Math

Engage students as mathematical thinkers!

Watch students become effective collaborators and confident problem-solvers with this meaningful new approach to teaching math. This series by Teacher Created Materials will make learning math more interesting and applicable to the real world by implementing structured problem-solving routines. Bring math to life for students by helping them understand, discuss, reflect, and write about how they solved complex math problems with their peers!

Let's Talk Math


This robust series offers an approach to math instruction developed by nationally recognized researchers and educators, Kit Norris and Dr. Hilary Kreisberg.

  • Provide structure for math discourse and keep students focused with easy-to-follow routines.
  • Engage students in authentic listening, speaking, reading, and writing opportunities with the rich, grade-appropriate math tasks found in the mathematical task cards and student task book.
  • Build a deeper mathematical understanding and strengthen students’ language and critical-thinking skills with challenging tasks.
  • Enhance instruction with digital resources such as engaging teacher and student support videos.
  • Assess students’ knowledge and thought processes with the included observation protocols.
  • Utilize built-in teacher support, including explanations of common misconceptions, vocabulary support, grammatical structure support for English learners, differentiation strategies, and more.