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Untold Stories

Explore diverse perspectives!

Empower students by helping them connect with unique stories that promote representation and diversity. Untold Stories is a meaningful nonfiction series with texts that focus on diverse people and their captivating experiences. This product by Teacher Created Materials fills a need in modern curriculum, facilitates implementation with an abundance of teacher resources, and helps build both literacy and content-area skills.

Untold Stories


Use fascinating but untold tales about real people and events to add relevancy and purpose to any literacy curriculum.

  • Inspire students by reading and analyzing stories of diverse people and their captivating experiences.
  • Meet state and national standards in literacy while building 21st century content-area skills.
  • Engage students with text cards that offer culturally and linguistically responsive, grade-level text, vocabulary, time lines of important events, and character trait activities.
  • Provide opportunities for students to collaborate and focus on active listening and speaking skills as they read, write about, and discuss the stories.
  • Guide students with a detailed lesson plan that emphasizes key focus areas: vocabulary, reading comprehension, speaking and listening, writing, content knowledge, and social-emotional learning.
  • Enhance learning with digital resources that support diversity and inclusion in today‚Äôs classrooms.