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Digital Resources

  • All components of this product are available and included in digital formats, including read-along ebooks, PDFs of student pages, PDFs of books, and audio recordings for books.

Multimedia Resources

  • Enhance student engagement with videos to introduce civics topics.
  • Extend learning with additional songs, videos, and audio recordings related to civic education.
  • Professional Development videos by iCivics build civics knowledge and teacher's confidence.

Management Guide

  • Integrate literacy and civic education to help students gain civics knowledge, practice civics skills, and develop civics dispositions with this easy-to-use Management Guide.
  • Explores current research and best practices for teaching civics successfully.
  • Addresses relevant civics topics while guiding students to become civic-minded members of society.
  • Meets state and national standards in literacy and social studies while building 21st century civics skills.

Lesson Plans

  • Teach students the ins and outs of civic education with standards-based lesson plans.
  • Integrates literacy and civic education to maximize learning.
  • Focuses on critical thinking, thoughtful discussions, and activities that guide students to become civic-minded members of society.

Nonfiction Books

  • Topic-driven books help students explore social issues, understand government, make logic-based arguments, and consider different options.
  • 10 titles, 6 copies each in print and digital formats.
  • Introduces students to current civics issues and events that are relevant to students’ experiences with engaging readers based on current civics topics.
  • Grabs student’s attention with embedded fictional stories directly connected to the civics topics.

Civics Game Cards

  • Motivate students to participate and positively affect learning with engaging, collaborative game cards.
  • 6 decks of civics game cards in each grade level
  • Reinforces civics knowledge and skills in fun and collaborative ways.

Student Engagement

  • Builds literacy and civics knowledge with high-interest books that teach the ins and outs of civics.
  • Provides opportunities for students to actively apply learning through varying civic-minded activities.
  • Allows students to explore their communities and local, state, and federal government.
  • Enhances critical-thinking skills with engaging civic discourse.

iCivics Readers Sample Pages

This sample includes the following:

  • Management Guide Cover (1 page)
  • Management Guide Table of Contents (1 page)
  • How to Use this Resource Pages (10 pages)
  • Sample Reader (17 pages)
  • Sample Lesson Plan (16 pages)
  • Sample Civic Discourse Lesson (1 page)
  • Sample Game Cards (6 cards)
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