Grade 1

Motivate students to explore a wide range of social studies themes through content-area readers with embedded primary sources, Reader’s Theater scripts, and digital resources.

High-Interest Content-Area Readers and Lesson Plans
(6 copies of each title, with corresponding research-based lesson plan) Engage students with a rich variety of texts with embedded primary sources. Our one-of-a-kind social studies readers feature a digital primary source in the accompanying lesson plans
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Reader’s Theater and Lesson Plan
(6 copies of the title, with corresponding research-based lesson plan)
Build fluency as students explore social studies topics through the arts. The scripts feature leveled roles which allows students to participate in the same activity. Students will especially enjoy the songs that are included in each script.

Student Handbooks
(25 full-color copies for students and a teacher copy)
Provide opportunities for meaningful application of literacy skills and social studies concepts with West Virginia activities. The activities aligned to West Virginia social studies standards are highlighted in the top corners.
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Management Guide
Facilitate implementation with a standards alignment and a scope and sequence.

Digital Resources
Reinforce concepts and extended learning with Interactiv-eBooks, audio of each reader, and student reproducibles.

West Virginia Social Studies Grade 1 Criteria Rubric

Leveled Readers

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