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  • Target instruction with assessment tools. Includes word-by-word highlighting, audio, turn-the-page functionality, and interactive activities for multi-modal learning to engage the senses.
  • Engage early learners with interactive activities (two for phonics, two for comprehension, and one for writing).
  • Create a blended learning environment with DVD.

Audio Recordings

  • Audio recordings of books to support fluency practice.
Teacher's Guide


  • Experience a fresh, current approach for teaching phonics that's designed to help students unlock words and build comprehension.
  • Sequentially introduces sound-symbol relationships to help students unlock sounds and words as they build comprehension.
  • Includes coordinated early childhood lessons to best instruct young, eager learners.

Assessment Guide

  • Monitor student growth in specific phonics skills and reading levels with the Assessment Guide. Pre-test and post-test for streamlined data collection. Track progress through extensive assessment opportunities to drive and plan instruction. Can be used for placement and progress monitoring.


  • Build the foundational skills necessary for beginning reading success with engaging books that feature colorful photographs, illustrations, and supporting activities for the teacher or parent. 18-21 titles, 6 copies of each title in print and digital formats to build foundational skills for beginning readers to find success.
  • Vibrant photos and illustrations provide motivation and context for early readers.

Student Guided Practice Book

  • The full-color Student Guided Practice Book contains high interest activities for students to practice, reinforce, and apply the new concepts. Provides additional practice to build and reinforce concepts and skills. Engages early readers with books with decodable text to help them feel successful.

Student Engagement

  • Unleashes world of phonics by engaging students with real-world context. Intentional, purposeful, and accessible for all students.
  • Builds phonolgoical- and phonemic- awareness to prime readers for print with a deep understanding of the alphabetic principle.

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Targeted Phonics Sample Pages

Want to see all the great resources that are included with this product?

This sample includes the following:

  • Teacher's Guide Cover (1 page)
  • Table of Contents (2 page)
  • How to Use This Product (5 pages)
  • Lesson Plan (9 pages)
  • Reader Sample (6 pages)

Vocabulary Building: Weekly Word Roots

Words matter when it comes to reading and writing, so it is critical that word study is an integral part of our literacy curriculum. Using the power of Greek and Latin word roots, students can dive deeper into the meaning of words. In this session, you will learn simple and effective ways to incorporate word root routines into your weekly instruction using holidays or special days throughout the year.

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Phonological Awareness: Supporting Foundational Literacy

Research has indicated the critical need for explicit instruction to ensure all students have the foundational literacy skills.

In this professional development, learners will:

  • Identify the research that indicates the importance of phonological awareness.
  • Develop understanding to plan effective phonological awareness instruction.
  • Practice engaging strategies to develop phonological awareness.
Training Options


On-Site Coaching

Best Practices Webinar

Phonics: Systematic and Explicit Instruction

Ensuring that all students have foundational literacy skills that support decoding and fluent reading includes a deep understanding of phonics instruction.

In this professional development, learners will:

  • Identify the research that showcases the Science of Reading and Writing to support systematic and explicit phonics instruction.
  • Develop understanding to plan phonics lessons that are systematic and explicit.
  • Practice strategies, including the use of decodable text, to support phonics instruction.
Training Options


On-Site Coaching

Best Practices Webinar


  Targeted Phonics features appropriate text and story elements that support early reading skills for teaching literacy and comprehension.  

  Targeted Phonics does what basal programs seem never able to do—put a little joy and even a hint of a story into decodables. Dr. Seuss would be proud of you.  

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