Did Halloween suddenly "creep" up on you and now you're frantically searching for a last minute costume that you can quickly pull together that will impress your candy-crazed students?! Don't worry. We've got you covered! Here are 5 fun, school-friendly costumes that you can easily put together with a quick trip to the dollar store,your classroomsupplies room, or acolor printer! 1. Spelling Bee - buzz on down to your local dollar store, pick up their stingingly fabulous wings and antenna set, paste on your contestant number and a few hard-to-spell words, and you're all set! Spelling Bee Front Spelling Bee Back                   2. Reading Rainbow - Share yourlove of reading by promoting one of the most beloved and classic TV shows of all time. Print out your favorite photo of a rainbow, glue it to aposter board to give it some durability, trim it, place two whole punches at the top, string in some yarn, and tie around your neck. Pick up a few of your favorite books and VOILA! You're Reading Rainbow. Super fun and easy... "But you don't have to take our word for it." Reading Rainbow                   3.Elmer's¬ÆGlue- You're what holds your classroom of students together! All that is needed is an orange piece of construction paper, and a printed Elmer's¬Æ glue logo. Roll the construction paper, tape it, and you have your glue cap! Tapethe logo to your plain white T-shirt, throw on your favorite pair of jeans and you're "set"! Elmers Glue                       4.Morning Calendar - The month ofOctober is a favorite for many. If you're looking to share your love of your favorite month, or just simply need a quick costume, consider being your classroom's morning calendar! If you want thecute little pumpkin daysyou see here,download themhere. Place these on a poster board, apply the hole punch and string, and tieit around your neck. Accessorize as you wish:) Calendar                   5. Book -Everyone has a favorite childhood book. Share your favorite childhood book with your students by being it for Halloween! Print out the book cover on several sheetsof paper, piece it together on a poster board, apply the hole punch and string, and tieit around your neck. Rainbow Fish Book                   HAPPY HALLOWEEN!