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All Teacher Created Materials and Shell Education Publishing (collectively “TCM/Shell”) products and publications, including this website and recordings contained therein, are protected by U.S. copyright laws. It is an infringement of copyright law to reproduce, reuse, share or republish a copyrighted work without the prior consent of the copyright holder.

By accessing, viewing, downloading, or otherwise using content, media, recordings or any other products or services owned or operated by TCM/Shell through its website, email products or services, or mobile applications (collectively, the "TCM/Shell Content and Technologies"), you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use (the "Terms") described below and that your use of such TCM/Shell Content and Technologies is at all times subject to these Terms.

In some cases, the TCM/Shell Content and Technologies may be integrated into websites and mobile applications provided by third parties (including social networking sites), and these Terms also apply to your use of TCM/Shell Content and Technologies.

Free to Share

TCM/Shell provides numerous free offerings on our website, such as product sample pages, product videos, etc. TCM/Shell grants permission to individuals to download such free offerings, and to freely share such downloads (or links to such downloads) with others. Similarly, it is permissible for individuals to share with others any information they find on our website relating to TCM/Shell products and services.

Restricted Uses Related to TCM/Shell Products

Other than as applies to Free To Share offerings above, all text, graphics, photographs, audio and/or video material or stills from print and/or audiovisual material, or any other materials, including downloadable material, contained in TCM/Shell Content and Technologies are the copyrighted property of TCM/Shell and/or third-party licensors and are offered to you by TCM/Shell for limited use solely pursuant to these Terms.

During and subject to the terms and conditions of these Terms, TCM/Shell hereby grants you a limited, nonexclusive, non-sub licensable, nontransferable, freely revocable license to access and use TCM/Shell Content and Technologies for educational purposes. You acknowledge that you shall acquire no other rights or licenses in any TCM/Shell Content and Technologies unless specifically and expressly granted by TCM/Shell in writing. As between you and TCM/Shell, all the intellectual property rights in the TCM/Shell Content and Technologies are owned by TCM/Shell.

Restricted Uses Related to TCM/Shell Professional Development

TCM/Shell offer numerous options in support of Professional Development, ranging from face-to-face live or virtual professional development sessions to pre-recorded webinars.

Unless expressly agreed upon in writing in advance, face-to-face or virtual sessions cannot be videotaped or recorded or in any other way reproduced to share with others.

Similarly, access to pre-recorded professional development (for example, webinars) may not be shared with anyone for whom access was not explicitly purchased (either individual, school building or district).

Uses Requiring Additional License

For any other copying, sharing, distribution, or use of TCM/Shell Content and Technologies that are not set forth above, please contact TCM/Shell for approval.

License Restrictions

Except as expressly permitted under these Terms, you agree not to, nor will you allow any third party (whether or not for your benefit) to:

  • rent, lease, loan, or sell access to TCM/Shell Content and Technologies;
  • host or publish copies of TCM/Shell Content and Technologies; or
  • delete the copyright and other proprietary rights notices on TCM/Shell Content and Technologies.