Thank You, Teacher

Thank You, Teacher


I became a teacher in the 1980s, when hair was big, waistbands were high, and my state’s educational standards offered a framework from which I, the teacher, had the freedom to build a robust and dynamic curriculum.  My classroom was an endless playground of teaching and learning opportunities, and I reveled in not only the joys and challenges of teaching, but also in the “aha” moments, the “what about” queries, and the myriad successes, small and large, of my students.  The time I had with them was precious, and I hoped it would have meaning for them for years to come.


Making a Difference
As a teacher, you know that moment—the first time that a former student comes back to say thank you, or even just to say hello.  The significance of that hits you right in the core.  You know, with deep assurance, that you have been a part of something powerful.  You made a difference for that student.  And that’s why we do what we do, isn’t it?  When the paperwork is done, the bell has rung, and the lights are out, we know that’s what matters.  Making a difference for our kids is what it’s all about.


After my years as a teacher, I became privileged to extend my passion for teaching and learning into a broader classroom—one that reaches across the country and around the world.  As an author and developer of curriculums, I have an opportunity to visit classrooms everywhere, to be hands-on where invited, and to create materials that offer solutions and supports where needed.  I’d like to be of service to you, to provide you with information, resources, ideas, and food for thought.  I’d also like to hear from you, to know what you think, what you need, what keeps you up at night, and what gives you that deep satisfaction of knowing “Ah, yes, I am a teacher.”

Consider me the "benchwarmer"—keeping my station here on the red bench, saving a spot for you to drop in any time, and ready to step up to bat myself whenever needed!

From Us to You
We here at Teacher Created Materials, together with leading educational experts (including teachers like yourself!), look forward to offering you a resource room of sorts, “built” just for you, with practical and purposeful ideas, tips, and information to help you be the best you can be—to keep your passion alive, and to support you in remembering every day why you do what you do.

And more than anything, we want you to know how much we appreciate you, and how well we know that you make a difference in students’ lives everywhere.  You’re the heroes of our story, and you are why we at TCM do what we do.

Thank you, Teacher.

Your Turn!
We’d love to hear about your special moment—a time when a former student came back to reconnect with you—a moment that you treasure. Tell us your story in the comments section below.


Author bio

Dona Herweck Rice

Dona Herweck Rice, Former Editor-in-Chief for TCM

Dona Herweck Rice, former editor-in-chief for Teacher Created Materials, currently serves as an educational consultant in the areas of writing, nonfiction, fiction, and poetry for children. Dona has extensive teaching experience and has authored single titles for the education market, for grades Pre•K –12 across all content areas, including language arts, science, social studies, mathematics, and the creative arts, including many titles in the TIME For Kids Nonfiction Readers, Science Readers, Reader's Theater, and Early Childhood Themes lines.