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Guided Math: A Proven Framework to Reach All Math Learners

In this workshop you will learn how to provide an innovative approach to mathematics instruction that fosters mathematical thinking and conceptual understanding.

Explore the benefits of a variety of research-based instructional models, including mathematical discourse, whole-group and small-group lessons, math warm-ups, workshops, and student conferencing. Discover how to use assessment throughout this model so that true data-driven instruction can take place.

Each attendee will learn:

  • The importance of student choice in selecting tasks that are purposefully planned to accelerate student achievement and meet the mathematical needs of students
  • How to accurately deliver a whole group lesson that is immediately followed up by intensive small group instructional activities using a menu of instruction and assessment options
  • Practical classroom management techniques that set up any Guided Math classroom for success
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3 Building Blocks of Implementing Guided Math

Create an environment for mathematics that supports learning, fosters mathematical thinking and understanding, and meets the needs of all students. This session will help educators learn the fundamentals and mindset behind creating competent mathematicians using the research-based Guided Math approach. Explore the three building blocks to successfully implementing Guided Math in your classroom, school, or district.

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Duration: 25 minutes

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Guided Math: A Framework for Mathematics Instruction Second Edition

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