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Conserving an Aircraft

ISBN: 9781493869367

This item is estimated to be available in October 2018. Please contact customer service at 800-858-7339 to pre-order.

The Horten Ho 229 was an experimental German airplane created by the Nazis. They believed its innovative design would help them win the war. Although this experimental aircraft never worked as planned, it's still a fascinating part of WWII history. Only one Horten Ho 229 survived the war, but the rare airplane was neglected. Discover how Smithsonian conservators saved it from rust, rot, and ruin.

Created in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution, this book builds students literacy skills while fostering curiosity, creativity, and innovation. The hands-on STEAM challenge is ideal for makerspace activities, and guides students through every stage of the engineering design process. This book features:

  • Real-world examples provide insight intohow the engineering design process is used to solve real-world problems
  • Content thathighlights every component of STEAM: science, technology, engineering, art, and math
  • Career advice from Smithsonianemployees working in STEAM fields
  • Dynamic images and text features enhance the reading experience and build visual literacy

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