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The History of U.S. Immigration: Data

ISBN: 9781425857561

People immigrate to the United States for many reasons. Why do they decide to come? How do they travel? What happens when they arrive? Data is in the details as you discover the history of immigration to the United States!

This nonfiction math reader builds literacy skills and math content knowledge, combining informational text, problem-solving, and real-world connections to help students explore math in a meaningful way.

  • Let's Explore Math sidebars feature clear charts and diagrams that make learning the concepts easy and fun.
  • Problem Solving activity enhances the learning experience and promotes mathematical reasoning.
  • Math Talk section provides critical thinking questions to help facilitate rich discussions while developing students' speaking and listening skills.
  • Text features include content-area vocabulary, dynamic images, a table of contents, a glossary, an index, and an answer key.

Aligned to state and national standards, this high-interest title will engage students in reading and learning.

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