Product Development

A message from our Founder:

Teacher Created Materials - Product Development

We have a responsibility to teachers and students.

Education is key to making real, meaningful societal change.

We make it a priority to ensure that our products depict people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles.

We want students to see themselves in our resources.

We also make it a priority to incorporate the latest engaging and research-based instructional strategies within our resources to help teachers continue to improve their craft and become the best educators they can be.

Empower students to see themselves in the materials they are studying

Culturally Authentic and Responsive Texts

Product Development - CLR Series

This series was carefully curated by CLR expert Dr. Sharroky Hollie.

The aim of these product serie is to support student learning by creating social interactions that meet the criteria of academic success, cultural competence, and critical consciousness.

By implementing culturally and linguistically responsive teaching strategies in the classroom, these texts and lessons create an environment that supports equity and cultural competency.

Through the exploration of these topics, we are making learning relevant to and effective for all students.

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Cultivate a lifelong love of reading

Fiction Readers

Product Development - Fiction Readers

Introduce readers to a range of fiction genres including fables, fairy tales, traditional stories, adventure, humor, poetry, diaries, journals, realistic fiction, historical fiction, science fiction, biographies, and graphic novels.

All of these titles features characters that come from different cultural backgrounds and promote awareness of differences that should be celebrated by all.

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