Teacher Created Materials announces the winners of its 2019 Holiday Card Contest

We are proud to announce the winners of our 2019 Holiday Card Contest. This greeting card gets sent to esteemed business partners, authors, friends, and family around the world each year, and we love showcasing the artwork of people from our community.

This year, our contest focused on the theme of “We Love Teachers”. Thank you to everyone who submitted their artwork. We received many wonderful submissions, and it was very hard to pick the winner. Aleena (age 5) was selected as first place, and her art is on the front of our greeting card. Kennedy Brooke (age 9) won honorable mention.


Here are the winning art pieces.


Aleena, Age 5


Kennedy Brooke, Age 9

Here are some of the contest submissions.

Jack Garret, Age 9

Aj Brooke, Age 6

Aubree Garett, Age 7