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Exploring Social Studies
Exploring Science
English Language Development
Exploring Social Studies: California Edition

Exploring Social Studies: California Edition for Grades K-5

An inquiry-based program that is 100% aligned to the California History-Social Science Framework and the California content standards for Social Studies and English Language Arts. This engaging full-year curriculum includes rich, research-based resources and aligns to ELA/ELD standards for easy integration.

Exploring Science: Aligned to the CA Science Framework and NGSS

Dynamic resource that builds literacy skills and science content knowledge with the power of informational texts.

Each grade-level kit is aligned to instructional segments in the California Science Framework, covering key science strands such as life science, physical science, Earth and space science, and scientific practices. Find the perfect fit for your classroom below.

Language Power, 2nd Edition

Build English Language Proficiency!

Anchored by dynamic, level-appropriate text sets and grounded in rigorous instruction in the four language domains, Language Power, 2nd Edition accelerates students’ English language proficiency.