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Teacher Created Materials is proud to present Exploring Social Studies: California Edition for Grades K-5, an innovative solution that integrates the History-Social Science Framework and the California content standards for Social Studies, English Language Arts, and English Language Development. This rich offering of California-specific resources, developed by teachers for teachers and students, will ignite a passion for history!

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"Every California school should offer a robust and integrated instructional program in social studies…with the development of thematic and conceptual understandings throughout the entire sequence." –CDE HSS Framework, p. 3

Exploring Social Studies: California Edition
Grades K-5

Exploring Social Studies: California Edition is a standards-aligned resource with a fresh approach that blends social studies content with focused literacy strategies. Students will read books that provide a lively and fascinating perspective on history, complete with the controversies and personalities that shaped California and our country. Engaging primary sources also allow students to access content and experience history like never before.

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Grade 5

100% alignment to California history and social studies standards

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