Exploring Social Studies: California Edition

Discover an innovative, integrated approach to social studies instruction featuring high-interest student texts, creative lesson plans, inquiry-based analysis of primary sources, and an emphasis on interactive student engagement. As an added benefit, it’s perfect for your ELA block, with the flexibility to fit into whole-class and small-group instruction as well as a Balanced Literacy approach.

100% Aligned to California Standards

  • California History-Social Science Framework
  • Reading: Informational Text
  • Writing Standards
  • ELD Standards


Correlated to Benchmark©, Wonders©, and Journeys© ELA Programs


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Student Collections

Each Student Collection includes everything a student needs for the program, with flexible per-student pricing.



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Content-Area Texts

Engage students with a rich
variety of text structures and
academic vocabulary.

Reader’s Theater Image

Reader’s Theater Scripts

Support fluency objectives while
allowing students to explore
social studies through the arts.

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Student Guided Practice Book

Provide opportunities for
meaningful application of literacy
skills and social studies concepts.

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Teacher Resources

Everything teachers need to implement the program in their classroom is included, from creative lesson plans to an easy-to-use program guide.

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Teacher’s Guide

Standards-based lessons
address social studies content
and literacy skills with built-in
language support.

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Program Guide

Details on how content, literacy,
inquiry, and citizenship are
embedded within this program
are provided.

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Assessment Guide

Assessments require students to
demonstrate critical thinking and
comprehension of content.

Digital Resources

Digital Resources Image
Opportunities for greater accessibility and blended learning are provided through images, primary sources, audio recordings, videos, and interactive-eBooks, Chromebook- and iPad-compatible.

Professional Learning Library

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Professional resources help teachers strengthen instructional strategies used in the classroom.
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Integrated Social Studies and Language Arts
Content   Literacy
Engaging student texts, lesson plans, assessments, and primary sources deepen content knowledge and analytical skills.   Students learn to listen, speak, read, and write while focusing on social studies content. Lessons encourage close reading.
Inquiry   Citizenship
Students analyze complex texts and primary sources. Specific essential questions encourage critical thinking.   Key student texts and lessons deal specifically with citizenship and democratic values.

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