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Focused Phonics Unboxing Video

Digital Resources

All kit components are included in digital format, plus read-along ebooks, audio recordings, online games, professional development videos, audio recordings of the phonemes, printable student pages, and more to make instruction flexible.

Teacher’s Guide and Instructional Routine Cards

Build foundational reading skills and word awareness with 30 ready-to-implement lesson plans and daily routine cards to minimize planning and preparation time.

Management Guide and Assessment Guide

Explore current research and best practices for promoting efficient and effective reading development. Monitor growth in phonics and phonemic awareness through flexible assessment opportunities.

30 Decodable Books (6 copies each)

Engage students with interesting, highly decodable texts where students can see themselves reflected in the range of characters and settings.

Student Guided Practice Book

Reinforce specific phonics skills, practice using high-frequency words, and foster reading and writing growth with appropriately scaffolded activities.

Student Engagement

  • Create a fun reading experience and extend phonics learning with online games and multisensory student learning materials, including phonics card games, high-frequency word cards, sound wall cards, and more.

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How to Ensure Decodable Texts Are an Effective Tool for Phonics Instruction

The ongoing national conversation on the Science of Reading has led to a heightened focus on providing high-quality phonics instruction to students, with decodable texts being a crucial component. However, many teachers are still uncertain about how to effectively utilize these decodables in the classroom.

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