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  • Equip parents with the essential tools needed to support students to prevent summer learning loss, boost student achievement, and prepare for the upcoming year.
  • Includes Parent Tip Cards to direct parent involvement with resources and strategies
  • Suggests family activities that provide real-world learning opportunities to expand learning from beyond the page

Kids Learn!

  • This parental-involvement resource features standards-based activities in reading, writing, and mathematics that both reinforce learning from the recently completed school year and prepare students for the next grade level.

Fiction and Nonfiction Leveled Readers

  • Grab students attention with high-interest nonfiction and fiction books that will keep students engaged in reading grade-appropriate content and topics that include life cycles, health, community, and world culture. 


Student Engagement

  • Daily reinforcement to support mastery and application in cross-curricular connections.
  • Helps keep students on track and maintain momentum in their acquisition and application of concepts to bridge achievement gaps.

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Take-Home Backpacks Sample Pages

This sample includes the following:

Kids Learn Activity Book

  • Table of Contents (1 page)
  • Introduction pages (3 pages)
  • Student pages (3 pages)

Nonfiction Book Sample

Family Engagement Guide Sample


How to Accelerate Learning over the Summer Break

Prevent the summer slide with meaningful at-home learning experiences, allowing students to make powerful connections to the learning that takes place in the classroom. Ultimately, the home-school connection helps students see the content they learn is represented in the world around them. Join us to discover practical and impactful strategies that help students continue learning at home during the summer months.

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How to Make After School Programs Engaging in Today’s Classroom

Students need opportunities to engage with rich content. Throughout this webinar, reimagine after school programming with new ways to engage and motivate all students.

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How to Implement Summer School to Identify and Reverse Learning Loss

Meet the challenges of identifying and reversing learning loss with this strategic webinar about what you need to plan your summer school program. We will discuss everything that you need to consider whether you are a veteran or novice summer school designer.

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Summer School Strategies for Identifying and Reversing Learning Loss

Join us for a dynamic webinar on strategies and systems that can be implemented during a summer school program to reverse learning disruption. We will discuss how the needs of all students invited to your summer program can be met as you prepare them for the beginning of a new school year.

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 Working with TCM was a great experience. Students in Merced City School District loved their TCM backpacks. Months later, I still see students using their backpacks and sharing the books. Such a positive experience for our district and students!  

 Parents/guardians are essential in our educational partnership by providing a bridge from home to school. It was our privilege to provide our students with a TCM Take-Home filled with engaging fiction and nonfiction texts. In addition, there are great activities and suggestions offered and a QR code which when scanned provided access to 75 more great digital books for students to read and enjoy as they build background knowledge and vocabulary.  

 McAllen ISD students and families have greatly benefited from the summer distribution of TCM Backpacks. These backpacks are a valuable resource and have been used for the past two summers as a crucial element to support summer learning. TCM Backpacks were widely accepted at homes.  

 Take-Home Backpacks allowed me to meet the challenge of providing a curriculum to our students while in a virtual setting, with limited access to technology. This in itself allowed the students to have an ongoing source of study. After obtaining the curriculum, our educators were able to see the quality of the product; to their attestation, the quality of the product was amazing!! Since our teachers could only access most of our students by phone, the backpack curriculum had to be user friendly so that parents could use it as well. The curriculum was separated into weekly lessons and allowed for pacing of student lessons. This was great for the level of users. The wealth of information covering the core subjects was phenomenal. Our parents loved it and raved over the materials. It was everything we needed during a stressful time for all.  

 We chose to purchase the Family Engagement Guides from TCM to help support our families with transition to the next grade level. These family friendly guides, paired with a transition night for families, helps students and families feel supported and excited about the next year in a new grade level. The guides provide practical ideas on how families can support their children in school and know what to expect in a new grade level.  

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