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  • Enhance instruction through meaningful tools to interact with the text, including embedded audio, video, student activities, voice-recording capabilities, digital assessments, and more.
  • Include three activities per book (one for word work, one for comprehension and one for writing) for practical application.
  • Used in group, paired, or individual setting for flexible and accessible implementation.
  • Interactiv-eBooks are perfect for blended learning experiences and to enhance the reading experience.
  • Use digital sticky notes to assess students' fluency and comprehension or utilize the recording tool to practice and evaluate fluent reading

Audio Recordings

  • Model fluent reading with audio recordings of books and poems.

Teacher's Guide

Provide teachers with the tools they need to do their jobs more effectively with easy-to-use, standards-based lesson plans.

  • Facilitate instruction and save time with lesson plans that target key nonfiction skills and strategies.
  • Organized in a consistent format for easy-to-implement lessons for each book.
  • Lessons focus on two key nonfiction skills or strategies (activating prior knowledge, drawing inferences, questioning, synthesizing information, determining importance, or visualizing and monitoring comprehension) which helps students use those skills and strategies in all classes for deeper analysis, information synthesis, and evaluation of the content.
  • Trio of readers is accompanied by texts such as primary sources, articles, poems, and other text types for multiple options to maximize student interest and extend learning.

Assessment Guide

The Assessment Guide provides teachers with numerous opportunities for assessment in print and digital formats.

  • Includes research about assessments and how best to use the assessments to drive implementation and instruction.
  • Assessments include placement tests and formative and summative assessments Supplies oral reading record, multiple choice questions for each book, cited references, and answer keys for variety of assessment

Home-School Connections

Encourage parents and families to extend their child's reading development and build literacy skills at home with the Parent Tips booklet provided digitally within each Nonfiction Readers kit. Provided tips help develop reading skills at home. Strengthens school-home connections.

  • Tips and digital versions of each book can be printed and sent home for additional practice.


  • Integrate science, social studies, and math concepts and themes into your reading block with these dynamic and engaging nonfiction readers.
  • 15 titles, 6 copies each, 12-64 pages per book in print and digital formats.
  • High-interest content to help students develop vocabulary, comprehension and fluency skills.

Student Engagement

  • Develop reading skills gradually with trios of leveled books
  • Motivates reader to want to read high-interest content with engaging illustrations and photographs.
  • Growth as readers as they develop a love for reading.
  • Integrates science, social studies, and math concepts and themes for interesting and entertaining texts.

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Sample Pages

TIME FOR KIDS® Nonfiction Readers Sample Pages

Want to see all the great resources that are included with this product?

This sample includes the following:

  • Teacher's Guide Cover (1 page)
  • Table of Contents (1 page)
  • How to Use This Product (8 pages)
  • Lesson Plan (12 pages)
  • Reader (17 pages)

Building Knowledge and Vocabulary: Reading Complex Text Across the Content Areas

Students need to access rich, challenging text to develop knowledge, build vocabulary, and improve comprehension across the content areas.

As students tackle difficult text, a wide breadth of effective strategies are needed to uncover meaning and build students’ skillset.

In this workshop, educators will:

  • Discover nuances within text that make it difficult
  • Uncover student-centered ways to support knowledge and vocabulary development
  • Encounter and practice strategies to empower students to conquer challenging text
Training Options


On-Site Coaching

Best Practices Webinar

Get the Picture: Visual Literacy in Content-Area Instruction

Literacy learning is no longer limited to reading, writing, listening, and speaking; we must include visual communication and expand our definition of what it means to be literate.

This professional development workshop will provide teachers with new and engaging strategies to help students learn how to analyze and create through visual communication.

Based on practical research, this workshop offers concrete tools and techniques and a wide range of suggested visual texts to effectively use in the classroom from primary sources, to digital media and the visual-heavy world of 21st century learning.

Attendees will:

  • Examine ways to incorporate visual texts into instruction, including what visual literacy lessons look like in the primary grades
  • Practice instructional strategies and develop sample lessons for teaching students to read visual texts for understanding
  • Practice and discover instructional strategies for guiding students to visually illustrate understanding, specifically targeting support for improving reading and writing
Training Options

Keynote Presentations and Webinars


On-Site Coaching

Best Practices Webinar


  The Time for Kids Nonfiction Readers are wonderful. We couldn’t have picked a better series of books to go with. The books are motivating for all students and are perfect for guided reading. The photographs are wonderful. They are also very easy to coordinate with the Common Core standards. I have used them in grades 1 – 5 and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome. Students were so engaged in what they were reading and could carry on rich discussions. I can’t wait to use them throughout the school year.  

  It has been my experience that once students are taught how to read non-fiction pieces, they fall in love with the genre and cannot get enough of it…Time for Kids Nonfiction Readers have been my hook, line, and sinker for getting my students interested in reading non-fiction. The materials are colorful, well written, and reader friendly. They cover many different topics and are easily integrated into the curriculum in all subject areas. Use of these Teacher Created Materials resources has made a tremendous impact on student achievement in my classroom. From scores on weekly comprehension tests to high stakes testing outcomes I have seen an amazing increase in scores.  

  These leveled Nonfiction Readers entertain while filling a curricular need. Conversational text and absorbing layouts with plenty of sidebars, questions to consider, facts, graphics, and color photos will entice even the most reluctant of readers. A wide-ranging and appealing series.  

  My students loved the articles… I felt like writing finally made sense to them… I also love that the language standards are incorporated and integrated with writing.  

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