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Praise for A Practical Guide to Mental Health and Learning Disorders for Every Educator

A Practical Guide to Mental Health & Learning Disorders for Every Educator by Dr. Myles L. Cooley is just that: a comprehensive resource that is invaluable for all educators. New teachers will benefit from the range of topics such as setting up an effective classroom using PBIS strategies, to learning how to incorporate social-emotional learning approaches within the classroom structure, to unpacking popular education buzzwords such as grit and growth mindset. Veteran teachers and administrators will learn new tangible interventions rooted in best practices that can be immediately implemented to help address the ever-changing social-emotional needs of students with mental health challenges. As a school psychologist and former school counselor, I am most excited about the well-thought-out interventions and reproducible forms that I plan on using in both individual and group counseling settings. If you are looking for help in navigating the growing social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health demands that are being placed on educators, then this is the book for you.”—Jennifer D. BeardsleeM.Ed., Ed.S., NCSP, elementary school psychologist in Wakefield, Massachusetts

“This book is a must-have resource for any educator! Not only does it discuss many learning differences faced by today’s educators, it also lists behaviors and symptoms to look for as well as provides practical strategies and interventions for educators to use in the classroom. This book speaks the educator’s language and provides us with a tool that can be used in any grade.”—Dana Smith, 504 coordinator and high school English teacher in Hot Springs, Arkansas

“Dr. Cooley provides educational professionals with a down-to-earth guide to understanding mental health disorders in adolescents. A Practical Guide to Mental Health and Learning Disorders for Every Educator is a comprehensive collection of forms, statistics, and anecdotes. Beyond that, Cooley offers what other publications on this topic have failed to provide: He dispenses valuable information on culturally responsive pedagogy and disproportionality in disciplinary practices for minority students. I highly recommend this guide to every educator and teacher-preparation program.”—Ruba Monem, Ed.D., K–12 educator in Miami, Florida

“When it comes to finding effective strategies to help with behavior and academic difficulties in the classroom, every teacher longs for a ‘go-to’ reference. That is what you get with A Practical Guide to Mental Health & Learning Disorders for Every Educator. Part one provides interventions that are proactive, preventative, and beneficial to all students. Dr. Cooley guides readers in effectively creating classroom policies and procedures as well as fostering cultural awareness. He stresses that early intervention is equally important for children with mental health disorders as it is for children with learning disorders, and he shares sensible approaches to help teachers communicate with parents as well as collaborate with school personnel. Part two of the book contains descriptions of mental health and learning disorders. Dr. Cooley starts by defining each disorder and then presents behaviors and symptoms that school staff may observe. Next, he provides strategies and interventions to try in the classroom, followed by appropriate professional treatments. Teaching is one of the most challenging professions, but with a book like this at their disposal, teachers can be confident that they have a tool to help them be successful.”—Amy Peters, M.A.Ed., elementary special education teacher in Sioux City, Iowa

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