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Praise for the Be Confident in Who You Are App

“These entertaining stories are full of life lessons without being preachy or overly authoritative . . . preteens can connect with the characters on these pages and, hopefully, make good decisions in life.”—PadGadget

“Although it may not be educational in the grammar-and-algebra sense, this app’s focus on hot-button middle school issues like bullying, family conflict, and changing friendships makes it worth checking out.”—Laura Selby, Tecca, for MSNBC

“Extremely relatable. Kids will be entertained reading this storybook app and [will] get the message.”—Apps4Moms

“The entire novel is focused on a group of kids. There aren’t any adults lecturing the kids or some narrator to ‘take you out of the moment.’ It’s basically kids being kids, with a set of positive messages so they can learn from each other.”—Todd Bernhard, iPhone Life

“Through believable scenarios depicted on colorful panels, the diverse friends interact at school and in their neighborhood helping one another as they confront self-esteem, friendship, and family issues and discuss truth and courage . . . this is good-quality targeted character education.”—School Library Journal

“Be Confident in Who You Are is a must-buy for parents and teachers who would like to reach out to teens, communicate with them, and ultimately help them grow into more confident and happy individuals.”—iHeartThisApp.com

“There are thousands of apps teaching reading and math, but not many developers are taking a shot at this kind of delicate but extremely important material. I recommend Be Confident as sit-down-together reading if your children are within the suggested age range (8–14), and I especially recommend it for the 8–10 age range.”—Smart Apps for Kids

“It’s a great app and highly recommended. I’ve read it about six times now and each time I pick up something new.”—KidReviewed.com

“There are nice, subtle sound effects that enhance the reading experience without overshadowing the content[, which] was helpful and appropriate without being dorky (as many educational mediums tend to be). Be Confident in Who You Are ends with a terrific message that I think readers of every age can take to heart—‘There is only one way to be like them. There are a zillion ways to be like you.’”—The Greasy Screen

“A wonderful resource [for] this tricky, in-between age group.”—The iPhone Mom

“This is one of the neatest book apps I’ve seen for middle grade readers. The app is packed full of sound effects, including narration and background noises [that make] you feel as if you [are] watching a book unfold before your eyes. Just gorgeous!”—There’s a Book blog

“The app takes advantage of zoom features to take readers through panel by panel, providing a sense of forward motion that synchronizes well with the text’s format.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Be Confident in Who You Are speaks to kids who are at a really rough age, and reminds them to take pride in their own talents and to [not] let peer pressure (even the unspoken kind) get them down.”—Common Sense Media

“This app does for our kids just what moms do all the time. We hide the spinach in the spaghetti sauce, we cover the broccoli in cheese, and now we can broach difficult subjects with our teens and tweens using engaging characters, fun sound effects, stunning illustrations, and the iPad. How cool is that?”—Software Smoothie

“Kids ages 11 to 14 would benefit from this book’s lessons. My 11-year-old daughter, who starts middle school in the fall . . . gave the app an enthusiastic ‘pretty cool!’”—Rick Broida, CNET

“The best comment comes from my son (12 years): ‘Mom this is a really great app. I liked it a lot and I think it can help kids in life, like standing up for yourself and to never give up.’ If all kids can get this message, then it is definitely an app you want your tweens and teens to have.”—Fun Educational Apps

“Informational, yet fun, children of all ages from late elementary to high school will be able to relate to it. It’s appealing to all reading levels with its easy-to-read graphic format.”—Applicable2U

“Useful for all ages, [this app] teaches children how to confront problems they meet every day . . . by speaking their language, describing their world from the inside, and sharing their thoughts and solutions.”—Kids-apps.mobi

“I love to share exciting new products that promote positive messages for children. There’s a great new iPad app called Middle School Confidential. It’s fun and engaging, and the message is an important one for all young people.”—Don’t Conform, Transform blog

“Ahead of the pack in creating a multisensory comic experience on the iPad.”—Corona SDK blog

“Be Confident is a good illustrated guide for understanding and helping kids with self-confidence and esteem issues.”—ReviewMe.Oz-Apps.com

“After two decades working in youth development programs, I only wish I’d discovered this book series in print earlier. As a digital book it is well made, nicely augmented with music, and hits just the right note for this age group with a graphic novel style.”—Carisa Kluver, Digital Storytime

“Middle School Confidential . . . really shines in app form. Issues like bullying, self-esteem, body image, and fitting in are handled in a sensitive but authentic way with no condescension.”—Brooks Jones, Sparks blog, children’s book writer/illustrator

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