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Praise for Dear Dad: Love, Nelson

Dear Dad: Love, Nelson is a heartwarming children’s book that explores the complexity of families dealing with the justice system. Through Nelson’s eyes, we see the beauty and pain of a family’s journey as they navigate the challenges of having a loved one in prison or jail. This touching tale provides an important message of hope, laughter, and love, making it a must-read for anyone seeking comfort and understanding in a difficult situation. Join Nelson on his journey as he discovers the power of family, love, and letter writing in the face of adversity.”—Shaka Senghor, founder of Redeemed Sole, New York Times best-selling author of Writing My Wrongs: Life, Death, and Redemption in an American Prison and Letters to the Sons of Society

Dear Dad: Love, Nelson thoughtfully portrays the love and struggle of various members of a family separated by incarceration. This book has a beautiful way of helping young people feel connected to other children and families as they deal with their own confusion and pain in encountering courts and prisons. Dear Dad: Love, Nelson is a much-needed resource for families with loved ones in prisons and jails, and this book should be made available in schools, public libraries, and bookstores throughout the United States.”—Ashley Lucas, professor and former director of the Prison Creative Arts Project, University of Michigan

“I was astounded at the power of Margarett McBride’s epistolary picture book when she shared it in my children’s book class. She had me from the first letter when, with youthful language, she captured the innocent, sincere perspective of young Nelson. In a few short sentences, readers understand his animated take on family members, his longing for his father, and his questioning nature. Over the next ten months, Nelson’s periodic letters show readers changes in his relationship with words, his father’s Chevy, his increased understanding of the court system and imprisonment, and finally, the joy he shows as he prepares for his father’s return. Letter by letter Nelson wins reader’s compassion and gratitude as he becomes a realistic and positive model for the children of incarcerated parents who need him.”—Susie Wilde, M.Ed., Igniting Writing

Dear Dad: Love, Nelson is a love story that too many of our children have to experience every day as a result of our country’s love of incarceration. Dear Dad: Love, Nelson shows us that no distance and no bars can stop a child from loving their father—love will always find a way. To those with loved ones behind bars, please share this book with their children so they can see how they can love their family even while they are apart.”—Anthony Smith,, executive director of Cities United

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