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Praise for I'm Happy-Sad Today

“Feeling scared and perhaps excited at the same time? No worries—it’s okay to be scited. Children will learn to identify nuanced emotions in this fun and engaging book.”—Foreword Reviews

“An ideal way to help kids develop their emotional intelligence.”—The Oregonian

“This book brings to life a little-acknowledged aspect of the complex world of children’s social and emotional development: the experience of multiple emotions. The children’s story speaks directly to children in respectful, straightforward, and loving ways, exploring the many facets of emotions that will resonate with children. The Guide for Caring Adults will help adults understand, support, and extend the experience for children. All children—and the adults who care for them—need this book as an important support for navigating the everyday and out-of-the-ordinary experiences that we are faced with throughout our lives.”—Christine Chaillé, Ph.D., professor emeritus and author of early childhood curriculum books

“This is not only an utterly delightful book in every way, but an important book. Dr. Britain joyfully affirms for young children that their complex, mixed up, and sometimes conflicting feelings are valid, real, and normal. Adults are gently guided to support these emotions and everyone’s mental health is the better for it!”—Steffen Saifer, Ed.D., author of HOT Skills: Developing Higher-Order Thinking in Young Learners

“Being an incredible advocate for children has been Lory’s lifelong passion over the thirty years that I have known her. She is a natural when it comes to helping kids understand and express feelings. This book is also a gift for parents seeking to validate their children’s inner experiences and promote close trusting relationships.”—Dr. Charlotte Peterson, child psychologist and author of The Mindful Parent: Strategies from Peaceful Cultures to Raise Compassionate, Competent Kids

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