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Praise for I’m Like You, You’re Like Me

“A powerful tool to help teach children both to respect and to celebrate their differences.”—Midwest Book Review

“Colorfully illustrated and beautifully written . . . Children of all ethnicities, family situations, shapes and sizes and abilities, including those who are physically challenged, are shown and celebrated for both their likenesses and their differences. This is an excellent book for use in the home, classroom, or church library.”—Libraries Alive, a publication of the National Church Library Association

“Bright, cheerful . . . With the focus on kindness, respect, and tolerance, this title is an appropriate teaching tool for an early childhood environment.”—School Library Journal

“A perfect book to use in a classroom, nursery school, home—or anywhere there is diversity or where diversity is appreciated.”—Pamela Kramer, Book Examiner, Examiner.com

“Young readers will have a great time learning how they’re alike and different, from their hair to their families to where they live, and more.”—Lori Calabrese, National Children’s Book Examiner, Examiner.com

“Simple words and detailed illustrations invite kids to notice, accept, and affirm diversity.”—Skipping Stones

“The message of this purpose-driven text is loud and clear: Recognize similarities, accept differences, and appreciate both . . . A starting point for diversity discussions.”—Kirkus Reviews

“A wonderful book for helping young children understand and appreciate people who are different from themselves.”—Our Children: National PTA Magazine

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