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Praise for Naptime

“The rhyming story is one that toddlers are going to enjoy and easily pick up as part of their routine catch phrases throughout the day. The pictures portray an adorable young boy telling his story and will be appealing to young children. It definitely is a book that will become a favorite with toddlers and can even be used before naptime at school or childcare.”—Andrea Coventry, Montessori educator, Andi’s Kids Books blog

Praise for the series
“There is no such thing as a quick fix. However, if you’re beleaguered by the baby battles, these books could serve as a life preserver.”—The Post & Courier

“I highly recommend these books for your home library if you have a little one.”—Mommin’ It Up

“Toddlers will manage to calm down fairly quickly upon coming across these gentle books that help them deal with various transitions in their young lives.”—SAHManswers.com (Stay At Home Moms)

“Practical, positive tools for building and maintaining the supportive care environment that toddlers need.”—Dan Gartrell, Ed.D., director of Child Development Training Program, Bemidji State University, “Guidance Matters” columnist in Young Children, the journal of NAEYC

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