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Praise for RTI Success

RTI Success provides the essential tools teachers need that allow them to focus on positive student relationships, collaborate with other professionals and families, and design learner-centered instruction to meet each child’s unique needs. The chapter on co-teaching is invaluable, and the entire book is well organized with reproducible forms and ‘What to Try When’ charts to save teachers time!”—Karen Evans, special education teacher, Oakridge Public Schools, Muskegon, MI
“This is a must-have resource on your RTI shelf! Whether you’re looking for an introduction or a refresher, you’ll find what you need in this book. The authors have provided theory along with a practical approach for implementation of an RTI process. I appreciate the emphasis on essential elements of teaching and learning, such as strong student-teacher relationships and Universal Design for Learning within core curriculum. With guidance on assessment, progress monitoring, and considerations for each level of academic support, this book provides information, ready-to-use templates, and resources to help educators enhance learning and find success for all students.”—Heather Gorgas, current administrator and former instructional coach, Avon Community School Corporation
“The authors of RTI Success have created a versatile guide that is beneficial to both veteran and new educators. This book is a powerful resource for continuous growth through the RTI process, utilizing easy-to-follow explanations, charts, tables, and templates to guide any educator. I am excited about using this book with my teams as we continue to move forward with RTI.”—Scott A. Deetz, Ph.D., superintendent, Madison-Grant United School Corporation
RTI Success is the most comprehensive resource I’ve found to enhance or begin a school’s RTI implementation. As a district leader of RTI for Indianapolis Public Schools, I have found this book to complement and improve our district’s current practices and teaching strategies. While the US Department of Education requires the use of a process based on the child’s response to scientific, research-based intervention, it does not mandate or endorse any particular model. This can make RTI subjective, complex, and confusing. Fortunately for educators, RTI Success brings welcome clarity. You can read the book cover to cover or pick it up and focus on the aspects of the RTI framework that your school needs to develop. The guidelines and reproducible documents in RTI Success can be easily implemented for any school’s unique needs, and the ‘RTI in Action’ sections provide real-life scaffolding examples to deepen understanding of the content. Our district has significantly increased our matrix of interventions due to the teaching strategies provided in this book, allowing us to implement specially designed instruction at any tier, all while sprucing up teachers’ personal tool kits. I’m grateful to have this all-encompassing book to reference time and time again.”—Kassi Hall, special education specialist, multi-classroom leader, and district leader of RTI, Indianapolis Public Schools
“All too often, the books we read as educational practitioners seeking to meet our students’ needs leave us wanting more. They fall short in the area of research or practice, and we find ourselves looking for guidance from the next book. The beauty of RTI Success is that it is founded, in all aspects, on comprehensive research and useful practical strategies that can be put into immediate practice in every school setting. Whether you are a seasoned educator or a novice, you’ll find step-by-step directions to help your students thrive as learners. Between the covers of RTI Success, school leaders will discover the knowledge they need to develop staff and create systems and structures within a school. The authors understand what students need to be fully supported as well as how to put structures in place that enable educators to provide that support. RTI Success is one of the few books that you will keep within reach on your desk and refer to over and over.”—Dr. Deborah Nuzzi, director of secondary education, Battle Creek Public Schools

RTI Success has helped me in my entire career. I have used it not only in special education but also in my general education classes. In the revised and updated edition, there are more resources and data-driven strategies to maximize students’ learning outcomes. These strategies are targeted to all students! I also love the strategies and methods they share to have effective co-teaching in classrooms, something that is happening in the school district where I work. Thank you for this great resource!”—Katerin Duran, 6th-grade bilingual teacher, Lansing, MI

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