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Praise for Simple Acts

Simple Acts inspires the next generation of changemakers to find their passion for service and provides the tools they need to make a meaningful difference in the world, one small act at a time.”—Laura Benanti, Tony Award–winning actress, author, and activist

“Research tells us that not only does giving back help our communities, it also our helps our tweens and teens manage their stress and anxiety. This is the perfect road map for our adolescents to do good in order to do well.”—Vanessa Kroll Bennett and Dr. Cara Natterson, co-hosts of The Puberty Podcast
Simple Acts: The Busy Teen’s Guide to Making a Difference is a gift to any family who values raising a teen with kindness, generosity, and a sense of community. This book is not only inspirational, it also helps aspirations become a reality by including actionable ideas and practical resources to get started and sustain a life of giving and empathy.”—Dr. Sheryl Ziegler, author, Mommy Burnout: How to Reclaim Your Life and Raise Healthier Children in the Process 

“Silverstein encourages and inspires teens to know that—even with their busy schedules—they still have time for simple acts of kindness and giving that make a positive difference. She makes it seem not only possible, but incredibly simple (as the title suggests!). Let’s get this book into the hands of teens everywhere, because it’s their turn to make a positive difference in the world.”—Audrey Monke, Camp Director, Speaker, Podcaster, Author of Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults

“Natalie Silverstein’s Simple Acts should be in the hands of every teen who wants to lead through their values and build a purposeful life. Silverstein shows teenagers (just like my own) how they can harness their passion for purpose into giving back and social entrepreneurship—preparing the leaders of tomorrow to make work and life better for us all.”—Erica Keswin, workplace strategist and bestselling author of Bring Your Human to Work and Rituals Roadmap
“As the parent of two soon-to-be teenagers, this book is perfectly timed for our family. Simple Acts is aligned with my goals of encouraging my kids to live with authenticity and intentionality. Filled with tools, tips, and resources to help busy tweens and teens figure out their why—their purpose and passion—Simple Acts empowers young people to use their time, skills, and energy to help others.”—Fran Hauser, speaker, investor and author of The Myth of the Nice Girl and Embrace the Work, Love Your Career
“I have never seen such a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that connects all of the dots: helping others, volunteering, and making kind acts part of daily lives. Simple Acts puts actionable steps and resources at the teens’ fingertips and provides clarity with overwhelming. Simple Acts should be required reading for all middle and high school students. I recommend it to all proactive parents who want to raise teens with kindness and purpose. Excellent resource for families!”—Kimberly King, sexual abuse prevention expert and author of I Said No!
“As teenagers figure out how to become the purpose-driven leaders of the future, perhaps the most important thing they can do is find ways to engage in volunteerism and philanthropy. Natalie Silverstein's new book, Simple Acts, is a great tool to help them get started on this journey. Covering topics like social entrepreneurship, fundraising, and social media as a force for good, it is an approachable, actionable resource guide for today’s busy teens who care about making an impact on the world.”—Lindsey Pollak, NYT best-selling author, speaker, and multi-generational workplace expert

“As a mother of two teenagers and a little one living in New York City, finding time for service can feel daunting, often like another thing on the endless checklist. Silverstein helps reframe service in this book, helping teens identify which issues matter to them, how they can most effectively help, and why it’s so important to act now. She offers practical advice, substantiated by thorough research, that helps teens integrate service into their lives in a meaningful and organic way. This is a book every teen should read, then read again, then pass it to a friend.”—Elyssa Friedland, bestselling author of Last Summer at the Golden Hotel, The Floating Feldmans, and The Intermission 

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