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Praise for Slaying Digital Dragons

“This entertaining and thought-provoking tome takes on screen time and its impact on the teenage body, mind, and soul.”—Booklist

“Given the impact of social media on the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of teens and young adults, Slaying Digital Dragons should be a part of every library.”—Children’s Bookwatch

“I loved this book, 5 stars! The author’s approach to this subject was very humorous and extremely engaging, I enjoyed every second.”—Bailey D., 12th-grade student

“This is a book kids need to read.”—YAdudebooks

“This interactive, comprehensive guide helps teens thrive online and off. Slaying Digital Dragons trusts teens to make the right decisions for themselves and gives them the information and tools to do so, while also calling on them to use their abundant empathy to make the world a better place.”—Dr. Michele Borba, parenting and bullying-prevention expert, author of End Peer Cruelty, Build Empathy; Thrivers; and Unselfie
Slaying Digital Dragons illuminates one of the dimmest, least understood, most impactful domains of life today, especially in the lives of children and teens: screens. Alex J. Packer breaks new ground in this authoritative, impeccably researched but also highly engaging, funny, and practical manual on how to take advantage of the huge upsides of the digital world while avoiding the diabolically dangerous traps it sets for the unsuspecting. This is an important and much-needed guide on how to navigate and thrive in the world young people inhabit and absorb every day.”—Edward M. Hallowell, M.D., founder of The Hallowell Centers; author of ADHD 2.0
“This book is truly the War and Peace for teens and anyone who spends a vast amount of time on their screens. Alex J. Packer’s manifesto for slaying the digisphere is a lifesaver. Join the resistance and share this powerful book. It will help you and your friends retool, regroup, and set healthier standards for abating the dark forces beyond your control.”—Nancy Chuda, co-founder and president emeritus of Healthy Child Healthy World
“Teens are on their phones and screens for seven and a half hours every day. Most of them know that they are either addicted to their devices or in danger of getting addicted, but when their parents bring the subject up, kids react defensively and angrily. In his funny, straight-talking new book, Slaying Digital Dragons, Alex J. Packer offers teens a way to think about their relationships to their devices. Relying on cutting-edge research and his deep insights into children, Packer is by turns supportive and challenging, humorous and dead serious. If you want your teen to examine their smartphone use, if you want to have a productive conversation with your child about social media, you should buy this book for yourself and your child.”—Michael Thompson, Ph.D., New York Times bestselling coauthor of Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys

“If you’re spending more time online than you did when you were younger, this book is a must-read.”—New Moon Girls

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