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Praise for Teach for Attention!

“Ezra’s unique ability to make analogies from our adult lives to our students’ lives are what make this groundbreaking book a must read for all teachers.”—Christine Offutt, ed specialist, Mission Hills, CA
Teach for Attention! is a superb read for K–8 educators of all experience levels. As a seasoned resource specialist, Ezra reminds us of the effective tools that are readily available within our reach outside of the usual choices, preferential seating, and mini breaks for our students. His frankness of speed bumps are relatable situations while offering genuine tested solutions through various anecdotes. Furthermore, his inclusion of tech tools to help truncate and/or facilitate student work is veritably handy. This is an essential book that all educators can refer to time and again to help the kiddos who struggle in academic settings.”—Valerie Sun, Ed.D., EmpowerED Consulting 
“With humor and great intellect, Ezra Werb has woven together a book that helps teachers, parents, and educators better understand students with attention challenges. His book is fun to read, offers different points of view, and contains concrete do’s and don’ts that can easily be implemented.”—Michelle Podemski, third-grade teacher, Los Angeles, CA
“This book is witty and spot on, perfect for the busy yet thoughtful teacher who needs effective strategies to engage that struggling K–8 student with attentional issues. If this book is in your hands, you’ll realize that Ezra’s tool belt is theoretically grounded, based on real-life vignettes, and readily applicable. Pick and choose or read straight through. You’ll easily access creative approaches that will effortlessly make a real difference in your classroom.”—Marcy Dann, M.A., board certified educational therapist
“This book on how to promote kids’ attention in learning is filled with practical and simple strategies based on what we know about the ADHD learner. Ezra’s approach is positive and reflects a deep understanding that students’ interests, talents, and styles provide the best cues to engagement. My favorite chapters are on finding and incorporating students’ interests and employing strategies that allow movement. Using case studies and guest speakers in each chapter makes the reading both enjoyable and accessible. I highly recommend this book to everyone who cares about student engagement and enjoyment in learning.”—Susan Baum, Ph.D., author of To Be Gifted and Learning Disabled and director of the 2e Center at Bridges Academy

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