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Praise for Teambuilding with Teens

“The hands-on activities in this book make learning about leadership meaningful and fun while building character.”—Adolescence

“If you are a teacher or any other category of human being who enjoys ‘putting the Active in Activities’ as Mariam MacGregor describes it, this is the book for you . . . Ms. MacGregor definitely knows how to lay out a compact activity format for teachers and leaders.”—Gifted Education Communicator

“This is a must-have for any teacher or advisor looking for new ways to motivate and instill vital leadership lessons in today’s youth.”—Laura Segura, chairperson & CEO, National Teen Leadership Programs

“This is an outstanding resource for all those who want to encourage young people in their leadership and teamwork skills. While there are many similar books available, this one will become one of the essential resources in the youth worker’s library.”—YouthWorker Journal

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