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Praise for The Gifted Teen Survival Guide

The Gifted Teen Survival Guide has done it again! This uniquely designed self-help guide shares what it means to be gifted by bringing the reader into the world of giftedness and showing how best to engage the creative, sensitive, highly cognitive mind of gifted individuals. Most impactful are the variety of gifted teen stories throughout the text that will resonate with the reader, helping them understand that it is okay to be who they are in a world that is sometimes resistant to their uniqueness. This book should be in the library of every school, in every home raising gifted learners, and in the hands of gifted teens everywhere going through this critically important time of their lives! Highly recommended.”—Dr. Joy Lawson Davis, expert scholar in diversity & equity in gifted education, co-editor of Empowering Underrepresented Gifted Students
The Gifted Teen Survival Guide truly has something for every gifted teen, including personal accounts from gifted teens around the world in each chapter. The fifth edition offers today’s readers current information about how best to navigate the challenges and choices they encounter as they move forward in school and in life. Galbraith and Delisle have approached each key topic with supreme care and consideration for supporting the success of these exceptional young people, making the book a must-read for gifted students and those who spend time with them.”—Colleen M. Harsin, M.A., MSW, director, The Davidson Academy 
“Judy Galbraith and Jim Delisle’s Gifted Teen Survival Guide was a must-read for the students I taught as a gifted specialist. As with previous editions, this fifth edition does not disappoint. Written with their teenage readers in mind, Galbraith and Delisle have again produced an inviting resource to help gifted teens better understand their uniqueness and appreciate who they are. In this latest edition, the authors not only address challenges gifted individuals face, they provide a variety of helpful resources. The fifth edition of The Gifted Teen Survival Guide is essential reading not only for gifted teens, but also their teachers and parents.”—Del Siegle, Ph.D., director, National Center for Research on Gifted Education
“What an awesome book! This is a must read for every gifted individual, not just teens! IQ, EQ, CQ, 2e, intensities, and entrepreneurship? This book is the encyclopedia of gifted! Jim and Judy succinctly captured what every gifted individual needs to know to feel comfortable in their own skin, to feel validated, and to feel valiant enough to slay any invisible dragons!”—Patricia S. Rendon, Gifted and Talented coordinator, Region One Education Service Center
“My students have been able to relate to this guide’s straightforward, smart, and humorous writing style that explains what it's like to be a gifted teen. The new edition’s impact is punctuated by significant and meaningful student comments and contributions. Adults will appreciate this informal, comprehensive resource that feels like talking to a good friend as they strive to better understand the uniqueness of the gifted teens in their lives.”—Terry Bradley, M.A., gifted education consultant and past president, Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented

Praise for previous editions
“Filled with information that answers students’ questions about being gifted and provides strategies for them to make their education and their lives more fulfilling.”—California Association for the Gifted

“A superior resource that provides so many fine ideas and fresh insights that it clearly has the potential to transform lives.”—School Library Journal                                                                             

“Helps adults become more respectful of the knowledge and abilities that young people have.”—YouthWorker Journal

“This revision of its predecessor continues the same high standards . . . Likely to appeal to the secondary gifted student.”—Lincoln Public Schools

“Teachers and parents of gifted adolescents will glean insight into social and emotional challenges faced by gifted teens as they explore this valuable resource.”—Gifted Child Today

“Readable, engaging, and positive without being moralistic . . . offers answers and suggestions that are not simplistic. This book can help [teens] negotiate their way through the snares of being a teenager with confidence and success.”—VOYA

“Offers specific, often pithy advice. This updated edition . . . feels fresh and timely. An intelligent, entertaining look at the unique and not-so-unique issues that gifted teens face.”—Kirkus Reviews

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