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Praise for The Kid’s Guide to Service Projects

“Highly recommended, affordably priced, and ready to be used, this workbook starts in the hands of teachers, parents, and youth group leaders. It goes from there into the hands of students.”—Robert Schmidt, Ph.D., associate professor and service-learning coordinator, Utah State University

“Outlines numerous community activities that children can initiate . . . Use this book before a brainstorming session to get your students’ ideas flowing.”—Curriculum Connections

“It was a delight to read a book that exemplified its message both in the content and in the book publishing practices.”—The Green Mama

Praise for the first edition
“A gold mine for kids who want to make a difference.”—NEA Today

“An outstanding choice.”—School Library Journal

“Indispensable for students and their teachers. The quality and breadth of service ideas are remarkable.”—The Children’s Book Council

“A good, not-too-preachy idea book for kids with a social conscience.”—USA Today

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