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Praise for the previous edition of The SEL Solution

The School Climate Solution is a valuable resource for educators to use in classrooms or throughout a school. Erwin provides a blueprint for establishing a positive school climate and includes step-by-step instructions in how to involve various stakeholders to implement a supportive and effective school atmosphere.”—School Administrator magazine

“One of the strengths of School Climate Solution is its dual focus. Erwin offers strategies and plans for both whole school and single classroom environments, making this a good handbook for almost any educator at any level of influence. The practical nature of the text makes it ideal for group study or action-based work with a school improvement committee or other professional learning community.”—MiddleWeb

“Jon Erwin has been a consistent voice for innovation and rationality in education. He understands, from very practical experience as an educator and as a consultant and trainer, what schools should be. This book is another great contribution from his unique perspective, focusing on school climate and its constituent parts. All schools need to take these ideas very seriously.”—Marvin W. Berkowitz, Ph.D., Sanford N. McDonnell Professor of Character Education

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