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Praise for What Are My Rights? 

“As a teen I found myself frequently testing the boundaries of my parents, my school administrators, and the law. Unfortunately, a resource such as What Are My Rights? was not available to me. After becoming a probation officer, I have found this book quite valuable in assisting with questions from my probationers that I would not have been able to answer adequately or accurately. Thank you, Judge Tom, for publishing such a great resource to a demographic that is often unaware or uninformed of their rights. This tool has been invaluable to a number of people, and continues to evolve as issues surrounding juveniles become more complex due to technology.”—Michael Olson, probation officer, Flagstaff, Arizona
“Children and teens, because of their dependent status, can find themselves struggling for meaning and straight answers to questions they might be afraid to ask, questions about circumstances that can affect them profoundly. Judge Tom Jacobs, from his research and deep experience in the juvenile and family court system, understands the questions and the concerns these youngsters live with. In his newly revised and updated book, What Are My Rights? Q&A About Teens & The Law, Judge Tom answers questions involving the law and relationships at home, at school, in the community, and in the vast reaches of the online world. His gift of plain and straight talk eliminates confusion and offers encouragement for responsible action, while his compassion for young people comes through on every page.”—Dr. James Sutton, psychologist and author of The Changing Behavior Book: A Fresh Approach to the Difficult Child
“This year thousands of parents will receive a life-changing phone call after their teenage son or daughter is arrested. Will they need a lawyer, what will it cost, has their teen’s future just gone KAPUT? What Are My Rights? answers more than one hundred questions about the law in an easy-to-read, quick-to-search guide before mistakes are made. Every family needs this book. The future is in your hands. This is a great book!”—Jon Davis Wiley, retired senior probation officer, Phoenix, Arizona

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