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Praise for You Got a Phone!

“Unreservedly recommended.”—Children’s Bookwatch

“As families and caregivers carefully weigh the pros and cons of entrusting their children with cell phones, the actual recipients of these devices––children––may lack the intellectual capacity and emotional maturity to navigate their newfound independence. Drs. Covino and Englander’s You Got a Phone! provides essential tools for productive cell phone usage, encouraging readers to pause, employ impulse control, and maintain a healthy life balance. Steve Marks’ witty illustrations pair perfectly with this text, providing a light-hearted perspective to this common-sense guide. Insightful, research-based, and developmentally appropriate, You Got a Phone! should be a requirement for ALL children receiving a cell phone. In fact, why not buy a copy and wrap it with a bow to present alongside the shiny new device? Then, you will be content knowing that you set your child up for a successful transition toward independence!”—Dr. Sharon Ryan, Literacy and Social Studies Curriculum Coordinator 

“Aimed at middle-grade students, You Got a Phone! is an informative, fun, and truly educational handbook on the care and feeding of a new cell phone. The layout ensures a smooth and fast read with its colorful and often very funny illustrations. As an adult cell phone owner, I found the advice and information to be relevant and sensitive to various configurations of home life and family. Frequent phone foibles, and how to avoid them, are wisely and hilariously discussed and illustrated. There is just so much in this book that can help kids become thoughtful, considerate, and careful phone users—and good humans. What a great book to read with your child!”—Annamary Consalvo, Associate Professor, Literacy

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