Aprendamos ¡más! Actividades para Grado 2

  • Grade: 2
  • Item: 126487
  • ISBN: 9781087642437
  • Language: Spanish

This item is estimated to be available in February 2021. Please contact customer service at 800-858-7339 to pre-order.

¡Aprendamos en cualquier lugar...otra vez! Designed for both classroom and at-home learning, ¡Aprendamos más! will help Spanish-speaking students and families feel comfortable in any learning environment.

¡Aprendamos más!

  • Contains 18 weeks of standards-based activities that make virtual learning, homeschooling, or hybrid learning worthwhile and fun
  • Pushes students to build on the skills they developed with ¡Aprendamos!
  • Allows for independent learning with easy-to-follow directions and bright pages
  • Includes activities for literacy, math, science, social studies, critical and creative thinking, technology, art and music, mindfulness, and even health and physical education
  • Bases each three-week unit on a familiar theme or topic, such as forces, penguins, the solar system, or leaders
  • Offers a culminating project where students can share what they've learned

With diverse and adaptable activities, ¡Aprendamos más! can be used independently or after completing the ¡Aprendamos! workbook. This teacher-approved product serves as a baseline to reinforce learning and overcome learning loss, even in a distance learning environment. Additionally, the included extensions allow teachers or parents to address learning gaps, engage students, and boost confidence. No matter the learning environment, this activity book will provide structure and support for Spanish-speaking second graders.

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