Civics in Colorado

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  • Grade: 3-5
  • Lexile: 580L
  • Guided Reading Level: V
  • Item: 124362
  • ISBN: 9781087630298
  • Language: English

When and how did Colorado's government begin? How does it function today, and how can I play a part? Students can discover the answers to these questions and more with this exciting and informative book.

Civics in Colorado Highlights:

  • Provides colorful, easy-to-follow pages with relevant civics images
  • Explains the roles of Colorado's state leaders, local leaders, and citizens
  • Offers four chapters that demonstrate how basic civics concepts apply to Colorado
  • Includes a glossary, extension activity, guided reading questions, and other useful features

Civics in Colorado covers the three branches of Colorado government, what it means to be an engaged citizen, the state's interaction with federal government, and more. With this fascinating reader, Colorado educators can emphasize the civicrights and responsibilities of every single student. This book not only provides meaningful connections to students' lives, but it also allows them to explore the past, present, and future of Colorado government.

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