Declarar nuestra independencia 6-Pack for California

  • Grade: 2-5
  • Guided Reading Level: O-T
  • Item: 101974
  • ISBN: 9781642902228
  • Language: Spanish

Build literacy skills and social studies content-area knowledge with this Spanish title! This 6-Pack offers an integrated English language arts approach that specifically addresses California content standards for history-social science, as well as reading, writing, and English language development standards.

By acting out this historical script students will learn all about the founding fathers' process of writing the Declaration of Independence. The roles in this leveled script are written at varying reading levels, allowing teachers to use differentiation strategies to assign specific roles to students who are at different individual reading levels. This feature allows all students to engage in the activity, participating, performing, and feeling successful while building fluency.

This 6-Pack includes six copies of this title and a lesson plan that aligns to California's History-Social Science Content Standards.