Early Childhood Social Studies 6-Pack Collection

  • Grade: PK-2
  • Interest Level: PK-4
  • Item: 21156
  • ISBN: 9781480741560
  • Language: English

Pique the interests of young children with this social studies collection focused on topics about themselves and the world around them! Featuring attention-grabbing books with colorful images and illustrations, early readers will be eager to keep reading. This 120-book collection includes six copies of each title, lesson plans, and a Lap Book for specific titles. Titles included in this collection are:

  • Transportation (Wordless)
  • Transportation (Wordless) Lap Book
  • My Country (Wordless)
  • My Country (Wordless) Lap Book
  • My Community (Wordless)
  • My Community (Wordless) Lap Book
  • All About Me (Wordless)
  • All About Me (Wordless) Lap Book
  • Families (Wordless)
  • Families (Wordless) Lap Book
  • School (Wordless)
  • School (Wordless) Lap Book
  • Feelings (Wordless)
  • Feelings (Wordless) Lap Book
  • We Go to School
  • On the Go
  • On the Go Lap Book
  • I Can Be Anything
  • I Can Be Anything Lap Book
  • I Wear My Feelings
  • I Wear My Feelings Lap Book
  • If You're Happy and You Know It
  • If You're Happy and You Know It Lap Book
  • I Can Work!
  • Giving Thanks
  • Amazing Americans: George Washington
  • Rules at Home
  • I Am a Good Friend
  • Life at Home
  • Rules at School
  • We Work at School