Fiction Readers: Grade 2 6-Pack Collection

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  • Grade: 2
  • Lexile: 320L-670L
  • Guided Reading Level: I-M
  • Interest Level: K-3
  • ISBN: 9781480742390
  • Language: English

Build your classroom library and encourage students to explore different worlds filled with imagination in this 6-Pack collection featuring exciting fiction titles! Each title in this collection contains high-interest text, vibrant illustrations and images, age-appropriate text features, and increasingly complex vocabulary. This 180-book collection includes six copies of each title plus lesson plans. The titles in this collection include:

  • Vroom, Vroom! Poems About Things with Wheels
  • The Treasure Hunt
  • Barnaby Dell
  • Why Anansi Has Eight Thin Legs: A Tale from West Africa
  • The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse
  • Cuckoo, Cuckoo: A Folktale from Mexico
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth
  • Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?
  • Escape from Pacaya
  • Boris and Bea
  • The Snake's Diary by Little Yellow
  • Patrick and Paloma
  • Mia's Chocolate Challenge
  • The Glass Slippers
  • This Is the Tower that Frank Built
  • The Lonely Penguin's Blog
  • The Happy Faces Leave Home
  • In a Whirl
  • Planet Puzzle
  • Lizzie's Dream
  • Footprints on the Moon: Poems About Space
  • The Human Calculator
  • Your Guide to Superheroes
  • My Foot Fell Asleep
  • Sarah's Journal
  • A Road Trip to Yosemite
  • Way Back When
  • The Untold Story of Miss Mirabella
  • The Hare and the Tortoise
  • Soo Yun's Book



Series highlights include:

  • Books - 15 titles, 6 copies each, 12-32 pages per book in print and digital formats
  • Teacher's Guide with lesson plans for each book
  • Assessment Guide that provides placement tests and formative and summative assessments in print and digital formats
  • Interactiv-eBooks with two activities per book (one comprehension and one writing)
  • Audio Recordings of books and supporting Reader's Theater scripts to build fluency
  • Home-School Connections

Books - 15 titles, 6 copies each plus lesson plan

Build literacy skills by engaging students with high-interest, appropriately leveled original and adapted fiction. Books feature increasingly complex vocabulary, sentence structures, plots, characters, literary devices, and illustrations to grow reading skills gradually and appropriately.

Teacher's Guide

Build literacy skills with easy‐to‐use lesson plans that address a content and language standard. Each lesson is organized in a consistent format for ease of use: an overview, four pages of instruction that address all aspects of literacy, a Reader's Theater script, and two student activity sheets. Pacing Plans for using a kit are provided in three options and teachers may choose to complete some or all of the lesson activities in order to best meet the needs of their students.

The instructional components include:

  • Word Work on high‐frequency words
  • Key words used in the story
  • Word play
  • Academic vocabulary
  • Comprehension work before‐, during‐, and after‐reading instruction
  • Writing
  • Cross‐curricular connections
  • Building fluency

Teacher's Guide

Assessment Guide

Each Assessment Guide in this series includes research about assessments, how to use the assessments provided with the product, a series Placement Test in digital format, an oral reading record and multiple choice questions for each book, references cited, and an answer key for the lessons.

Assessment Guide


Use the Interactiv‐eBooks to enhance students' reading experience. Interactiv-eBooks feature a variety of tools that build fluency and comprehension while keeping students actively engaged. Each kit includes an Interactiv-eBook for each title that allow students to:

  • Listen to the entire book
  • Hear individual words spoken
  • Record themselves reading the book
  • Complete comprehension and writing activities
  • Practice and navigate test-taking skills found in new electronic assessments
  • And more

The Interactiv‐eBooks can be used in a variety of instructional settings and support numerous literacy and learning goals.

Audio Recordings

Use the audio recordings of the books and Reader's Theater scripts as a model of fluent reading, support for students as rereading practice for fluency, or in a listening center.

Home-School Connections

Help caregivers build valuable literacy skills at home with the Parent Tips booklet provided digitally within each Fiction Readers kit.

Filled with tips and activities, the Parent Tips booklet will give caregivers the confidence to help develop a love of reading and writing at home. To facilitate ongoing reading practice, digital versions of the books can be printed and replicated for students to take home.

Home-School Connections
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