Mathematics Readers 2nd Edition: Grade 2 Add-on Pack

  • Grade: 2
  • Item: 27455
  • ISBN: 9781425858049
  • Language: English

This Add-on Pack includes one copy of each of the 20 titles included in Mathematics Readers 2nd Edition: Grade 2 Kit. These high-interest math readers integrate math and literacy skills, combining informational text, problem-solving, and real-world connections to help grade 2 students explore mathematics in a meaningful way. Concepts covered in this kit include: multi-digit numbers; addition; subtraction; multiplication; division; factors and multiples; multi-step word problems; comparing fractions; addition and subtraction of fractions with like denominators; multiplication of fractions and whole numbers; fractions with denominators of 10 and 100; the relationship between fractions and decimals; time and other units of measure; perimeter and area; geometric objects such as angles, lines, and rays; 2-D shapes; and symmetry.

Mathematics Readers 2nd Edition: Grade 2 Add-on Pack includes:

  • Amazing Animals: Honeybees: Place Value
  • Amazing Animals: Prehistoric Creatures: Numbers to 1,000
  • Amazing Animals: Sharks: Skip Counting
  • Art and Culture: Exploring the British Museum: Classify, Sort, and Draw Shapes
  • Art and Culture: Mardi Gras: Subtraction
  • Art and Culture: Patterns of the Past: Partitioning Shapes
  • Engineering Marvels: Landmarks Around the World: Addition and Subtraction
  • Engineering Marvels: The London Eye: Odd and Even Numbers
  • Fun and Games: Astronaut Camp: Time
  • Fun and Games: Field Day: Understanding Length
  • Fun and Games: Fields, Rinks, and Courts: Partitioning Shapes
  • Money Matters: The Lemonade Stand: Financial Literacy
  • On the Job: Photographer: Place Value
  • Spectacular Sports: Martial Arts: Comparing Numbers
  • STEM: Building Tiny Houses: Compose and Decompose Shapes
  • STEM: Lasers: Measuring Length
  • The History of U.S. Immigration: Data
  • Travel Adventures: Kruger National Park: Repeated Addition
  • Travel Adventures: The Everglades: Addition
  • Your World: Bubblegum: Addition and Subtraction
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