Mathematics Readers, 2nd Edition Spanish Grade 2 6-Pack Collection (20 Titles, 120 Readers)

  • Lexile: 500L
  • Guided Reading Level: N-R
  • Item: 121494
  • ISBN: 9781087604688
  • Language: Spanish

Build your classroom library and supplement your reading program with high-interest math readers that integrate math and literacy skills and combine informational text, problem-solving, and real-world connections. These Spanish texts promote problem solving and mathematical reasoningwith real-world connectionsthat challenge students to develop theirhigher-order thinking skills

Each book features math charts and graphs that provide multiple opportunities for students to practice what they have learned. This 120-book collection for second grade includes six copies of each Spanish title with a content-area focused lesson plan. Titles include (titles may be substituted):

  • Aventuras de viaje: El parque nacional Kruger: Suma repetida (Travel Adventures: Kruger National Park: Repeated Addition)
  • Tu mundo: Chicle bomba: Suma y resta (Your World: Bubblegum: Addition and Subtraction)
  • Aventuras de viaje: Los Everglades: Suma hasta 100 (Travel Adventures: The Everglades: Addition Within 100)
  • Ingeniería asombrosa: El London Eye: Números pares e impares (Engineering Marvels: The London Eye: Odd and Even Numbers)
  • Arte y cultura: Diseños del pasado: Partición de figuras (Art and Culture: Patterns of the Past: Partitioning Shapes)
  • Cuestión de dinero: El puesto de limonada: Conocimientos financieros (Money Matters: The Lemonade Stand: Financial Literacy)
  • Diversión y juegos: Día de campo: Comprensión de la longitud (Fun and Games: Field Day: Understanding Length)
  • Diversión y juegos: Despegue al campamento: Tiempo (Fun and Games: Blast Off to Camp: Time)
  • CTIM: Láseres: Medición de la longitud (STEM: Lasers: Measuring Length)
  • La historia de la inmigración de EE. UU.: Datos (The History of U.S. Immigration: Data)
  • Animales asombrosos: Abejas melíferas: Valor posicional (Amazing Animals: Honeybees: Place Value)
  • Animales asombrosos: Tiburones: Conteo salteado (Amazing Animals: Sharks: Skip Counting)
  • Deportes espectaculares: Artes marciales: Comparación de números (Spectacular Sports: Martial Arts: Comparing Numbers)
  • En el trabajo: Fotógrafo: Valor posicional (On the Job: Photographer: Place Value)
  • Animales asombrosos: Criaturas prehistóricas: Números hasta 1,000 (Amazing Animals: Prehistoric Creatures: Numbers to 1,000)
  • Ingeniería asombrosa: Monumentos del mundo: Suma y resta (Engineering Marvels: World Landmarks: Addition and Subtraction)
  • Arte y cultura: Mardi Gras: Resta (Art and Culture: Mardi Gras: Subtraction)
  • CTIM: Construcción de casas pequeñas: Componer y descomponer figuras (STEM: Building Tiny Houses: Compose and Decompose Shapes)
  • Diversión y juegos: Campos, pistas y canchas: Partición de figuras (Fun and Games: Fields, Rinks, and Courts: Partitioning Shapes)
  • Arte y cultura: El British Museum: Clasificar, ordenar y dibujar figuras (Art and Culture: The British Museum: Classify, Sort and Draw Shapes)