Mathematics Readers: Texas Edition: Grade 3 Add-on Pack (Spanish)

  • Grade: 3
  • Item: 27629
  • ISBN: 9781425845780
  • Language: Spanish

This Add-on Pack includes one copy of each of the 16 titles in the Mathematics Readers: Texas Edition: Grade 3 (Spanish) Kit. These high-interest math readers integrate math and literacy skills, combining informational text, problem-solving, and real-world connections to help third grade students explore mathematics in a meaningful way. The Spanish books in this Add-on Pack are aligned to Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), and the appropriately leveled texts make differentiation easy to implement.

Mathematics Readers: Texas Edition: Grade 3 Add-on Pack (Spanish) includes:

  • El mundo del comercio (The World of Trade)
  • Mi puesto de limonada (My Lemonade Stand)
  • Dar forma a nuestro mundo (Shaping Our World)
  • Las figuras en el arte (Shapes in Art)
  • Las figuras a tu alrededor (Shapes Around You)
  • Una visita a la ciudad de Nueva York (A Tour of New York City)
  • Medidas naturales (Natural Measures)
  • En la estación de bomberos (At the Fire Station)
  • Tomar el tiempo (Tracking Time)
  • Medida del tiempo en las carreras (Timing Races)
  • Los científicos de la flora y fauna (Wildlife Scientists)
  • ¡En peligro! (At Risk!)
  • Recopilación de datos (Collecting Data)
  • Leer el periódico (Reading the Newspaper)
  • Patrones que nos rodean (Patterns Around Us)
  • Patrones en la naturaleza (Patterns in Nature)
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