Operations and Algebraic Reasoning, Measurement and Data for Kindergarten, 10-Book Set

  • Grade: K
  • Lexile: BR20-320L
  • Guided Reading Level: F
  • Interest Level: PK-2
  • Item: 102120
  • ISBN: 9781642903836
  • Language: English

Build content-area knowledge and literacy skills with this 10-Book Set! Kindergarten students will learn beginning mathematics and geometry concepts while engaged in reading high-interest content on subjects such as bowling, musical chairs, paper airplanes, and the history of ice cream! With bright images and easy-to-read text, these nonfiction math readers use real-world examples of problem solving to teach students basic math concepts.

Introduce beginning readers to early STEM themes as they build their foundational literacy skills. The Problem Solving activities enhance the learning experience and promote mathematical reasoning, and Math Talk features questions that develop students' speaking and listening skills. This set includes (titles may vary) the following books (titles may be substituted):

  • Your World: Shoes: Classifying
  • Your World: Hats: Classifying
  • Money Matters: Find the Money: Financial Literacy
  • The History of Ice Cream: Addition
  • Fun and Games: Musical Chairs: Subtraction
  • Fun and Games: Bubbles: Addition and Subtraction
  • STEM: Paper Airplanes: Composing Numbers 1-10
  • Spectacular Sports: Bowling: Decomposing Numbers 1-10
  • Engineering Marvels: Gingerbread House: Composing Numbers 11-19
  • Your World: Buses: Decomposing Numbers 11-19