PreK-TK Early Childhood Bundle

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  • Grade: PK
  • Interest Level: PK-1
  • Item: 24922
  • ISBN: 9781493829224
  • Language: English

With lessons and materials that support the importance of play and meaningful experiences, this early childhood bundle includes 15 carefully-selected kits from 2 series, Early Childhood Themes and Targeted Phonics, to develop language and literacy for preschool and transitional kindergarten students.

The richness of language and literacy development is targeted for the youngest learners through the comprehensive content and purposeful practices available in the PreK-TK Early Childhood Bundle, addressing the needs, abilities, and interests of young children. A dynamic, thematic, flexible, and developmentally appropriate cross-content curriculum allows for multiple opportunities to foster essential listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills through language-rich practices in...

  • reading
  • phonemic awareness
  • math
  • science
  • social studies
  • music
  • and more.
Key features and contents of this multifaceted collection include 378 print and digital books (6 copies each of 63 reader titles); hundreds of original, thematic poems and songs with audio; 112 vocabulary content cards with photo and video accompaniment and related activities; cross-curricular, content-based lessons and activities with digital resources; comprehension studies and extensions; and extensive best practices for early childhood education and development.

Students will be deeply engaged while they are guided in the systematic development of key foundational literacy skills, providing a solid framework for all language development, and supporting the demands of today's rigorous standards. All young students are language learners, and the multiple-modality approach to learning provided throughout this bundle allows for the academic needs for all students to be addressed in ways that are meaningful and impactful for each one of them. Experts advise that a strong foundation in language enhances and bolsters learning across the curriculum as well as the social-emotional needs of young children. With lessons and activities that are robust, engaging, teacher friendly, and based in the most current research, students will be well on their way to learning success for years to come.

The following kits are included and provide comprehensive and engaging content aligned to Common Core and individual state standards:
  1. Early Childhood Themes: Shapes Kit
  2. Early Childhood Themes: All About Me Kit
  3. Early Childhood Themes: Transportation Kit
  4. Early Childhood Themes: Colors Kit
  5. Early Childhood Themes: Weather Kit
  6. Early Childhood Themes: My Body Kit
  7. Early Childhood Themes: Number Kit
  8. Early Childhood Themes: My Community Kit
  9. Early Childhood Themes: School Kit
  10. Early Childhood Themes: Families Kit
  11. Early Childhood Themes: Oceans Kit
  12. Early Childhood Themes: Plants Kit
  13. Early Childhood Themes: Animals Kit
  14. Early Childhood Themes: Building Things Kit
  15. Targeted Phonics: My First Consonants and Vowels Kit

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